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​​Secure Cloud Solutions
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Our expertise is in the domain of cloud based computing, and more specifically, on the area of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. A CRM solution lets you manage all aspects of the marketing, sales, and services life cycle of your company. A cloud based CRM service is one where the CRM service is rented on a periodic basis from a CRM service provider. This typically means that you access the CRM service via a web browser or mobile device, while the CRM service is hosted on the provider's web servers. Examples of cloud based CRM service providers are Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

The role of a CRM consulting company such as ours is to customize the out of the box functionality of the CRM service from the CRM provider, to the specific needs of our client, and to give them a learning pathway which eases their adoption of the cloud based CRM service. This is valuable because CRM solutions in and of themselves are quite complex.

In addition to the above, we want to give you a secure service. Our CEO has been an Information Security Officer at major organizations. We understand the importance of securing your valuable service and data, and are committed to the security of your Enterprise as a whole.

Our team expertise spans Enterprise Architecture, Application and Data Architecture, Software Delivery, Security Architecture, Security Lifecycle, and Project Management.

Our commitment is to deliver the agreed upon scope, within time, within budget and within your quality thresholds.​